Zyppah Review – From Snoring Like A Hippo To Snoozing Like A Baby!

To try and eliminate my snoring problem I’ve been using the Zyppah device from www.Zyppah.com

It has worked so well for me that I wanted to write this review to share my results with you all.

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I’ve had this snoring problem for years.

Well it wasn’t much of a problem for me, it was more a problem for my wife as it would keep her up at night and one of us would end up sleeping in the guest bedroom.

She told me I sounded like a bear gargling mouthwash.

Over the years I had tried quite a few was to stop snoring without much luck.

There was the “special pillows” that did absolutely nothing.

The supplements that just seemed to make me sleep deeper and snore louder.

And the head band that ended up in the bin.

So when I saw this video about the Zyppah mouthpiece I just had to buy it.

It’s a special mouthpiece that you put into your mouth before you go to bed and it pulls your lower jaw forward a little bit.

This helps to open up the airways within your throat and cause less vibrations.

There’s also a unique strap to hold your tongue down and stop it falling to the back of your mouth which also helps prevent snoring.

Before I purchased the Zyppah I read some reviews and looked at some of the other mouthpieces for sale and the Zyppah is the only one that has a tongue strap.

It’s also one of the only FDA approved anti snoring mouthpieces.

It had tons of good reviews and it also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee which put me at ease.

There’s a choice of 5 colors and they all do the same thing.

I bought the standard green one and it arrived within 2 days.

Now the Zyppah does require a little bit of setup before you can use it but it will only take a couple of minutes.

I wrote about setting up your Zyppah mouthpiece here further down the page.

Basically, you just need to put the mouthpiece in boiling water for 45-60 seconds to soften the molding composite.

Then you let it cool for 20 seconds and then place it in your mouth and bite down gently to create a mold around your teeth.

You then remove the Zyppah from your mouth and put it in cold water for a minute for the mold to harden.

If you mess up then that’s fine as you can redo the molding process a few times.

After you’ve done the molding you are now ready to go!

When I first put it in my mouth and laid down to go to sleep my first thoughts were.

“Am I going to be able to sleep with this thing in my mouth?”

But low and behold I was able to get to sleep like normal.

And this begs the question, does the Zyppah device actually stop you from snoring?

My Zyppah Results – (The First Night)

After reading all the positive reviews and seeing the videos I had high hopes.

The first night it arrived I drifted off to sleep with my wife in the bed next to me.

Now, usually during the night when I begin to snore she will get up and go to the guest bedroom or she will wake me up and tell me I’m snoring and pretty much kick me out of bed. πŸ™‚

But for the first time in a very long time I woke up in the morning and found my wife was still in the bed with me!

When she woke up I asked her “Did I snore last night?”

She said..

“No, I didn’t hear a peep! I had a great sleep for a change!”

So just like that the Zyppah device from www.Zyppah.com had got rid of my snoring.

But the story gets even better.

When I woke up that morning I felt so much more refreshed and ready to start the day even though I woke up 30 minutes before when I would usually wake up.

I’m guessing it’s because I had a much better-quality sleep so I needed less of it.

The next day I found that I was more productive and generally had more energy about me.

And because my wife also had a good sleep for once she too seemed a happier and more energized.

60 Days Later

I have been using the Zyppah device for around 2 months and it’s still in very good condition.

I wear it every night and not once have me or my wife had to go sleep in the guest bedroom because of my snoring.

Me and my wife now get a much better sleep which makes for a much happier family home now that we’re not so tired all the time.

So if you’re on the hunt for a device to get rid of your snoring then try the Zyppah device because it’s the only product I’ve used that actually works.

You can purchase the Zyppah device from www.Zyppah.com because it will instantly get rid of your snoring and if for some reason it doesn’t you can just send it back within 90 days and get a refund!

After looking into mouthpieces to prevent snoring I’ve read that they have a 95% success rate and Zyppahs should be higher because it also has the tongue strap.

What I’m saying is that it worked for me and there’s a very high chance that it will work for you too!

Zyppah Reviews

I got a better sleep and didn’t snore last night thanks to Zyppah!

I got the red white and blue one and my husband told me that I didn't snore at all last night. I also did feel like I got a better sleep so yay it worked.

I use it every night to stop my snoring.

This is my second mouthpiece from Zyppah, my last one lasted 8 months before it got worn out and I had to throw it away.

All I can say is that I had no hesitations in ordering a second one because I went from snowing like a dragon to not making a peep.

I used to snore so loud I woke my wife, the kids and the dog up but now everyone gets a good sleep.

I haven't snored in 8 months and hopefully I never will again. Thanks Zyppah.

Jon G.

Zyppah ROCKS!

For all you snorers out there reading this. I'm writing this review for YOU! Just do yourself a favor and buy the ZYPPAH because you won't regret it.

It feels strange at first going to sleep with it in your mouth but you will quickly get over it and drift off and it really dos stop you from snoring.

I've even setup a recorder to record all night and nothing, not even a hint of a snore.

I feel like I get a nice deep sleep now too so this product is well worth the money.


Zyppah stopped my husband from snoring every night.

I'm writing this review as the wife of a husband that used to snore. Oh my gosh it used to be so bad that I would have to go and sleep downstairs to get away from him.

I bought the Zyppah for him and made him wear it!

I couldn't believe it when I woke up the next morning in my own bed and realized that he didn't wake me up from his awful snoring!

Now every night before bed I make sure he's wearing his Zyppah and it feels so wonderful to be able to sleep all through the night undisturbed.

I'm so glad I found the Zyppah website and decided to purchase. It just feels so good to get a good night's rest.

Does the trick!!

I was skeptical about this thing but my gf told me that if I didn't do something about my snoring she was gonna leave me lol so I bought it.

So far so good and for the past 3 days I haven't woken her up at all!


5 Stars from me

Like others have said it really does feel good when you stop snoring. You wake up feeling much more refreshed. I give the Zyppah 5 stars.

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What Is The Zyppah Device

The Zyppah device is a mouthpiece designed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg to stop you from snoring.

Dr. Greenburg owns 5 treatment centers in California and is considered a world-renowned expert on sleeping and snoring.

After years of research and development he created the Zyppah device for his patients and after seeing how well it worked and how it changed their lives he decided to take it mainstream.

There are many similar mouthpieces for sale but what makes this one unique is that it has a double whammy way of stopping you from snoring.

First of all, it has a built-in tongue strap that stops your tongue falling to the back of your throat which blocks the air path and causes snoring.

It also pulls your lower jaw forward a little bit opening up the throat allowing air to pass through more easily, causing less vibrations in the throat.

A Custom Fit: A lot of mouthpieces are uncomfortable to wear because you cannot customize them and they don’t fit properly but with the Zyppah you will custom mold it to fit your mouth for a perfect fit.

The Zyppah device is FDA cleared and has an A+ rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Video from home page 2nd

If you’ve been on the official website at www.Zyppah.com then you will know that there are 5 options for sale.

They’re all exactly the same just different colors so just buy the color that you like.

Personally, I bought the standard green one.

Mouthpieces like this generally have a very high success rate of over 94% at helping to stop you from snoring.

However, if for some reason you’re not satisfied then you can easily contact them within 90 days and request a refund.

Their telephone number is (800) 875-3370 or you can email them at WeCare@Zyppah.com

How Do You Use The Zyppah Device?

It’s actually really easy to use. This video by Dr. Greenburg himself shows you how to mold the device.

You just soften the plastic with hot water, bite into it to imprint your teeth and then run it under some cold water to cement the mold and you then have a custom fitted mouthpiece to stop you from snoring.

Tip: To get used to wearing the device, at first you should wear it for a few minutes during the day to get used to wearing it.

And then wear it for 30 minutes before you go to bed so it doesn’t feel so strange when it comes to actually going to sleep.

You don’t have to do this forever but in the beginning it does feel a little bit weird wearing a so wearing it now and again during the day is a good way to get used to wearing the Zyppah mouthpiece.

Why It’s Important You Stop Snoring – I was a snorer myself so I’ve done all kinds of reading and research on snoring and for your health it is important that you stop doing it.

Snoring means lesser oxygen gets to your lungs which forces your heart to beat faster. You only get so many heartbeats during your lifetime so don’t waste them while you’re sleeping.

Because you’re intaking less oxygen that means that your brain is also oxygen deprived which prevents it from fully relaxing.

This sleep deprivation can lead to increased blood pressure, strokes and even cancer.

It also messes with your energy levels and even though you may have been in bed for 8 hours you often wake up feeling tired still.

Thankfully the Zyppah device works and can help prevent these horrific health conditions as well as help you get a good sleep.

Tip: Keep It Clean! When you mold it to your teeth you create all kinds of little nooks and crannies for bacteria to dig into.

I gently clean mine every day with a soft toothbrush and some dish soap.

Zyppah Faqs

Is it painful to use? No not at all. There’s no pain but you may find it feels a bit uncomfortable at first wearing the mouthpiece because it pulls your lower jaw forward a few millimeters.

But you get used to it very quickly.

Will it fit me? I’ve yet to hear of anyone complaining that theirs didn’t fit. They say the device should fit almost everyone no matter how big or small you are.

Is it dangerous to use? No, the device is very sturdy and there’s no risk of swallowing it or anything like that.

If anything it’s safer to wear it than not wear it because it stops your tongue from falling to the back of your throat!

Is it easy to use? Yes, the molding process is super simple and after that all you need to do is keep it clean and pop it in your mouth before bed time.

Does it work immediately? Yes, it will stop you snoring from night 1.

Does it cure sleep apnea? I don’t think so. I think it’s only for snoring.

How long will it last? From what I’ve heard the Zyppah device will last an average of about 6 months if you use it every night.

Is it easy to get to sleep wearing a mouthpiece? It’s recommended that you train yourself to wear it for short periods during the day to get used to wearing it but I found that I was able to get to sleep just like normal.

So, I would say you should have no problem getting to sleep while you’re wearing it.

Do you think it will work for me? From my understanding and research, other mouthpieces like this have a 94% success rate.

I believe the Zyppah success rate should be even higher because it has the tongue strap too.

So, yes I think that there’s an extremely high chance that it will stop you from snoring just like it did for me and many others!

What if it doesn’t work for me? Well then you can just call them or email them within 90 days and request a refund. πŸ™‚

The Benefits To Using Zyppah

It will stop you snoring the very first night – The Zyppah mouthpieces have a very high success rate and they either work or they don’t so you will find that it stop you snoring the very first night you start wearing it.

It is pain free – The thought of the device pulling your lower jaw forward slightly sounds painful but it really isn’t. There’s no pain and after using the device for a while you’ll find it feels natural to wear.

You won’t be waking your partner up anymore – It’s a great feeling to know that you’re not waking someone up anymore.

You’ll find that you feel happier and more energetic the next day and so will they. That’s the beauty of getting a good sleep.

You’ll wake up feeling refreshed – To be honest I had no idea how badly my snoring was affecting me. I used to wake up in the mornings feeling tired but I thought that just a normal part of getting older.

But now that I don’t snore I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mood and energy.

I seem to need less sleep and when I do wake up I feel well rested which just makes for a better day.

Trust me, when you stop snoring and get a good sleep you will be amazed at how much better you start to feel.

It works! The best benefit of all when it comes to the Zyppah is that it just works.

I’ve tried a bunch of devices and supplements that did nothing so it feels great to have finally found a product that does what it’s supposed to and stops you from snoring.

Should You Buy The Zyppah?

Absolutely, it will stop you snoring and do you the world of good.

I’m happy I bought it but I think my wife is happier!

For $99.99 I think it’s a steal and would recommend it to anyone who wants to stop snoring.

In fact, I’ve even recommended it to a couple of friends and it worked for them too.

Life really is better when you stop snoring!

Get your Zyppah device from the official website at www.Zyppah.com and finally stop snoring!

Don’t forget there’s also a 90-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied and if you have any questions about the Zyppah device then ask below and I will do my best to answer!

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