What Is Noopept And What Does It Do?

There was actually a time when older generations of students and workers hunkered down on their desks with just coffee and cigarettes to help them concentrate.

While caffeine and nicotine do have their benefits, they’re not nearly as effective as modern “smart drugs” such as Noopept.

In this Noopept review you’ll realize that you now have more effective options, and you won’t have to risk emphysema and cancer from smoking.

What is Noopept?

This brain pill is a nootropic supplement.

In other words, it’s a cognitive booster that helps you become smarter.

For those who are already familiar with nootropics, it is similar to Piracetam, but it is not technically considered a racetam.

As a supplement, there are several ways of taking it.

For some people who take the powder form of Noopept sublingual (putting it under the tongue) is ideal.

Others mix the powder with a drink, which is effective enough due to the supplement’s solubility.

Some people take Noopept capsules, while a few people take a Noopept stack with other nootropic pills such as Adrafinil focus pills, in much the same manner as muscle builders who take anabolic steroids.

Deciding on how to take Noopept is actually a matter of preference.

However you take it orally, your digestive system absorbs the supplement.

It then crosses the blood-brain barrier and targets glutamate receptor sites.

It prevents the breakdown of glutamate, and glutamate is a powerful neurotransmitter that supports cognitive function.

What Are The Benefits Of Noopept?

According to preliminary studies and firsthand accounts of actual customers, it offers several benefits for those who are looking to be “smarter” that usual.

It boosts memory.

Of all the reported benefits of this supplement, this is the most prevalent.

People who regularly take it become more adept at processing information, and information can be recalled more easily.

In practical terms, if you read and study books while you’re a regular user, you can store more information.

And come exam time, you’ll be able to recall more quickly and more accurately what you read before.

This improvement can happen not just in formal tests but in everyday situations.

The conversations you have today can be recalled more clearly afterwards.

It will become much rarer for you to have a word “at the tip of your tongue,” so to speak.

It’ll be easier for you to come up with a name of a person you only met once before.

This effect will be more noticeable in trivia competitions, although in a way you can always argue that many of the school tests are actually trivial.

No one really needs to know what Macbeth said in a particular scene or when the Battle of Antietam happened in order to work for a living.

You’ll become dramatically more alert.

Many other users of Noopept report that it’s as if they see things more clearly.

The things you see are clearer and in much sharper focus.

Even your peripheral vision is improved, and you’ll notice things that you missed before.

You even improve your hearing, and your spatial memory becomes better as well.

In other words, you’ll be able to remember which way you came from and you’ll also remember where you last put your car keys, wallet, and eyeglasses.

Even if you’re sleep-deprived, you don’t feel drowsy.

This means you can finish an all-nighter project without a problem and without making so many errors in the process.

And when you wake up without enough sleep during the night before, you don’t spend the whole next day walking around like a zombie.

You can focus on your work more easily.

You’re not distracted by noises, or tempted to read other websites when you’re busy doing online research on a specific topic.

Even your mood is improved.

This benefit is understandable, since some people get into a foul mood when they’re not getting enough sleep. In general, many people report that their more satisfied with their lives, and in fact they’re actually happier.

But does Noopept work?

Yes, it does.

These benefits are not the claims of the manufacturer.

These are the results reported by real customers when they wrote about their experiences.

What About Safety?

The first thing you need to seriously consider is the question of where to buy Noopept.

You can buy Noopept online from several websites, but you need to make sure that the website you’re buying it from is legit.

I recommend getting it from the Lumonol website.

Is it safe to buy and use?

Yes, but only if you’re sure you’re getting the real thing.

Then we come to the question of Noopept dosage.

These brain pills are one of the more potent nootropics around, so you don’t really need much to get the results you need.

While other smart drugs will require you to take hundreds or even thousands of milligrams, with these you only need a range of 10 to 30 mg a day. Even the most tolerant of reviewers have advised never to take more than 6o mg a day for your safety.

What’s Best

It’s best that you take several small doses a day instead of a large one in the morning.

How long does it last?

A small does can last a few hours. So you shouldn’t take it before bed unless you have no plans of sleeping during the night.

And you should also start slowly by taking only 5 mg for the entire day until your body gets used to the supplement.

The Noopept side effects, which include irritability, dizziness, headaches, and restlessness, only occasionally come up and only when you’re taking too much. Cutting down on the dosage gets rid of the side effects.

You also don’t want to take other stimulants with it. Taking it with coffee can really buzz you up, and with stimulants like amphetamines the effect may not be to your liking.


The many benefits and lack of side effects of Noopept is similar to what you get from all the most popular nootropic drugs and supplements.

But many consider Noopept the best because of its potency.

If you’re ready to try the powerful ingredient Noopept then youcan get it by taking Lumonol!

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