Throat Exercises To Stop Snoring!

If you’ve ever tried to stop snoring, you know it isn’t an easy task.

However, there are a few little tricks and techniques that are proven to cut down on snoring by strengthening the tissue in the back of the throat.

These exercises may not solve your snoring problem, but they should at least cut back on it a bit.

The first technique to try and stop snoring involves moving your jaw up to your top teeth and back ten to twenty times.

Hold it out for a few seconds, then relax it back in for a few seconds.

Then do the same thing with the horizontal motion of your jaw: hold it towards one ear for a few seconds, then towards the other.

The third step is to open and shut your mouth while providing light resistance against it with your fingers and thumbs.

Make sure the pressure is noticeable, but don’t strain yourself too hard.

Another excellent exercise to help stop snoring is called the ghost gum chewing method.

It is executed exactly how it sounds: keeping your lips closed, move your jaw in a gum chewing (or “cud chewing”) fashion.

While you are doing this, hum lightly though your nose.

The combination of these two things will help strengthen the muscles in the back of the throat that are the most common culprits of snoring.

Hopefully this gives you some good ideas on eliminating that horrible snoring sound.

Again, these are not cures by any means, but sometimes the cause of the snoring is simple enough that a little mouth exercise is all that is needed to put an end to it.

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